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There are so many different reasons you may want to see a plastic surgeon in Bristol

There are so many different reasons you may want to see a plastic surgeon in Bristol

Mention the words ‘plastic surgeon’ to anyone and usually they come up with two responses – facelift and boob job, or as we prefer to phrase it, breast enlargement or breast augmentation. Now both of these areas of cosmetic surgery are usually associated with vanity, and it is such a shame that these two forms of plastic surgery have gained an unfair reputation. As a cosmetic surgeon it is perhaps my place to redress the balance and add more reason to the debate over whether much cosmetic surgery is purely vanity driven, or if it is more a means of satisfying a psychological demand. While many cosmetic surgeries are carried out on men, the majority are on women. And yes, you’d be right, cosmetic surgery is about improving appearance. But that does not have to be because of vanity. In simple terms, not everyone is made the same, either physically or mentally. Some women regain their figure within three or four months of giving birth, while other never do. It is nobody’s fault, it is just nature.

As a Bristol cosmetic surgeon I perform plastic surgery on a daily basis for a good number of reasons. Perhaps the biggest reason for patients in Bristol coming to me is because they have lost some self-confidence. After breastfeeding three children, most women’s breasts change dramatically, and for some this affects their sense of femininity. If you don’t feel good about yourself, it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks, so breast surgery and a breast augmentation can both improve your outward appearance, as well as increase your personal self-confidence. To me this makes perfect sense. The same applies for some of my patients who have decided to have a face lift. More often than not it is genetics, but can also result from too much sunshine. However the long and the short of it is that some women appear to age faster than others, and again it is confidence that pays the price. A well-justified facelift can make a dramatic difference to a patient’s quality of life, and to me that is very important. In both instances I do not see these procedures as vain, but more choosing a path by which you can regain much of that lost self-confidence. As with all cosmetic surgery procedures I carry out here in Bristol, I ask all patients to have an initial consultation with the practice SRN, Sarah Powell, who has many years of experience as a specialist cosmetic surgery nurse and who can help you make the right decision. So if you are considering having any cosmetic surgery done, please do contact us here at Bristol Cosmetic Surgery – Paul Wilson.

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