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Tummy Tuck Preparation: Dos And Don’ts

Tummy tuck surgery, also known as abdominoplasty, is a major surgical procedure requiring adequate preparation beforehand to ensure a safe and smooth surgery and recovery process. Once you schedule a consultation with your plastic surgeon, they’ll provide a list of dos and don’ts to be followed.

These include:

1. Creating a strong support system

Generally, it can take around 6 to 8 weeks to recover from a tummy tuck, but this varies depending on the patient. You’ll need the help of family or friends during this time to guarantee an easy and relaxing recovery process.

Ensure your support system knows your surgery time, medication instructions, and any other crucial information regarding your after-care.

2. Follow dietary guidelines

Eat more fiber to avoid constipation and include more protein in your dishes to promote healing after your tummy tuck. Inform your surgeon about any medications or supplements you’re currently taking so they can advise you accordingly.

On the day before your tummy tuck, eat a low-fat and high-protein dinner such as a grilled chicken salad.

3. Watch your health

If you contract a fever, flu, cold, or sore throat before your surgery, inform your doctor. This way, they can determine whether the procedure needs to be rescheduled.

4. Maintain communication with your doctor

Never hesitate to contact your surgeon if you have any questions regarding your procedure. Additionally, share all relevant lifestyle habits and health information with them.

5. Don’t use any form of tobacco

Smoking can significantly increase your risk of complications and can result in poor healing. So, one month before your procedure, stop smoking or consuming any other forms of tobacco.

6. Don’t drink alcohol

Alcohol causes surgery complications as it affects blood clotting and can interfere with anaesthesia. Avoid alcoholic beverages at least one week before your procedure and for several weeks after.

7. Don’t take herbal medications

Most herbal treatments, including teas and diet pills, increase bleeding. Therefore, stop taking any herbal medications prior to your procedure.

8. Wait until your surgery day to prepare for recovery

It’s normal to feel nervous and anxious before your surgery. Unfortunately, waiting until the last minute to prepare for your recovery only makes the situation worse. You’ll feel much better, less stressed, and more in control if you prepare for your recovery beforehand.

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