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Should I get a brow lift?

Before and After of a young woman with a brow lift

You should always make the decision to get cosmetic surgery with absolute confidence. Although tens of thousands of Brits go under the knife every year, each person is unique and must determine if the move is right for them.

If you’re considering a high-quality brow lift in Bristol and want to ensure you can make an informed decision, then read on.

What is a brow lift?

A brow lift (also known as a forehead lift) counters the drooping effects of ageing by shortening the muscles in your brow and lifting the soft tissue in your forehead up to smooth the area out.

The surgeon will make small incisions along your hairline, meaning scars are often hidden beneath the hair. With this adjustment, the ageing lines and wrinkles across the upper face give way to a fresher and younger appearance.

Why get a brow lift?

Low or sagging eyebrows can mean your face is giving off emotions that aren’t reflective of the real you. The forehead is a crucial part of how your face conveys feelings, and an unintentionally sad or tired expression is often the result of that feature sagging.

A brow lift can help put a stop to this directly by raising the brows into a more pleasing position, leaving you with a brighter and more youthful look This aesthetic boost brings with it a fantastic lift for your confidence and mental health in general.

Wrinkles, worry-lines, and general creases are other common issues fixed by this procedure. While often coupled with other cosmetic surgeries to tackle broader facial asymmetries, a brow lift is also ideal on its own to target problems in the upper-third of the face.

Potential risks of getting a brow lift

Although a brow lift is a much safer treatment than many available, there are always risks associated with cosmetic procedures.

The incisions made around the hairline may cause minor hair loss or an elevated hairline, and (while it is much subtler than most) the possibility of visual scarring remains.

As with all surgeries, potential candidates consult with your doctor about possible adverse reactions to anaesthesia. Overall, the confidence boost brought by a brow lift from an expert surgeon can outweigh any potential risk.

Interested in getting a brow lift?

If you think a brow lift is the procedure you’ve been looking for, then your journey can start today. Contact our team of experts right here to discuss your first steps towards a younger face now!

For details about forehead reduction surgery please visit our page here.


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