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Is a tummy tuck right for me?

So you’ve been umming and ahhing over whether you want to make the enormous decision to get a tummy tuck. Looking for your dream cosmetic surgery Bristol or surrounding areas? Look no further than this.

Getting plastic surgery of any type can be an enormous decision, particularly if it’s for cosmetic reasons rather than health reasons. That said, tummy tucks can be incredibly beneficial for a number of reasons – not only can the boost be incredibly good for your mental health, it can also be beneficial to your physical health if you have issues with your weight.

A lot of different things can cause you to have a negative relationship with your tummy. Whether it’s due to pregnancy, significant weight loss or simply mother nature, your reasons will likely be plentiful but they also won’t do anything to calm the nerves or justify the invasive surgery, unless you do that essential research beforehand. Whilst a tummy tuck can be a risk, if it’s carried out by a fully qualified surgeon with ample experience in the field, the benefits will likely outweigh the risks.

Things to consider before getting a tummy tuck

It’s important to consider the fact that a tummy tuck is major, invasive surgery. – and can result in a lot of downtime. You’ll need to ensure that you’re able to afford not only the cost of the surgery, but the aftermath too – including using annual leave to cover your absence from work or alternatively covering this with unpaid leave. It can also take up to a year to fully heal, meaning you may find yourself uncomfortable and in some pain for a good while after the surgery itself.

If you’re conscious about your image and how your body looks, it’s important to also note that the tummy tuck can leave a pretty significant scar. This will likely fade over time, but in spite of this, it will remain visible for years to come. There are a number of other things to consider. but all are questions that can be answered when you have a consultation with one of our expert surgeons.

What’s next?

If you’ve 100% made up your mind, the next steps are easy. Get in touch with our team of professionals to have a chat, a consultation and discuss how we can go about carrying out your dream tummy tuck today.


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