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Gynecomastia – male breast reduction cosmetic surgery

Gynecomastia – male breast reduction cosmetic surgery

As a cosmetic surgeon this type of surgery does not get the publicity it deserves. Perhaps because it is a male-oriented procedure and not one aimed at women, it is not seen as part of ‘cosmetic surgery’ and more a general surgical procedure. There is also a different cachet about male breast reduction surgery as, for men, any breast-related surgery has extremely personal connotations and generally relates to the removal of what is seen as a female physical trait. However the more gynecomastia, or male breast reduction plastic surgery is publicised, the more men who will be able to find a solution to an awkward personal problem. It is not a question of men developing large mammary glands, it is simply an increase in fatty tissue in the breast region and which can be removed in a very straightforward cosmetic surgery procedure.

For women, plastic surgery in the form of breast reduction can make a huge difference in their lives. Here in Bristol I have performed many breast reduction procedures on women where, to be as tactful as possible, gravity has finally won over the firmness of youth. In addition, as we age, we do tend to put on a little weight, and for some reason, for certain women, their breasts also become enlarged, and can become uncomfortable. I have been made well aware of the problems of back ache caused by large breasts, and so here at my practice in Bristol I am pleased to help a good number of women find a solution to an unenviable problem. So whether you are a man or woman considering breast reduction surgery, why not book an appointment with the Bristol practice’s SRN cosmetic surgery nurse, Sarah Powell, and come in and have a relaxed discussion about what is involved and how you can achieve the results you would like.


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