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Why do people get tummy tucks?

Sometimes, cosmetic surgery can be wrongly interpreted as a lazy way to improve your body image. With procedures that change the shape of the abdominal area, there can be the assumption that a person is using the surgery as a short-cut rather than making an effort to change the shape of their body in a natural way (through exercise or diet, for example).

Why do people undergo an abdominoplasty?

The majority of people opting for an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) however, usually have excess skin around their stomach which they have acquired through no fault of their own, and which they would not be able to lose by conventional methods. Following a pregnancy or a period of significant weight loss, many patients are left with rolls of loose skin around their midriff. This is particularly common once we reach a certain age; the skin looses its natural elasticity and so does not stretch as tightly across the new contours of the body. Being left with folds of skin can lead to feelings of self-consciousness which may affect a person in varying degrees of severity, from being unable to wear certain items of clothing, to not feeling comfortable undressing in front of their partner.

How does the procedure work?

Amongst other treatments, Bristol Cosmetic Surgery offers abdominoplasties to those wishing to reduce the amount of loose skin that has accumulated around their abdominal area. The surgery takes places whilst the patient is under a general anaesthetic. During the procedure, excess fatty tissue is removed. The abdominal area is then reshaped so that the skin is tighter and firmer.

Abdominoplasties are often divided into different types, such as partial, complete and extended. As a general rule, the difference lies in the amount of work necessary in each procedure. A partial abdominoplasty, for example, can be completed in 1-2 hours. A complete abdominoplasty may take up to five hours.

The decision to opt for any kind of surgery is of course a very personal one. To find out more about whether an abdominoplasty might be the right treatment for you, please contact us for a consultation.


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