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Tips for recovering from rhinoplasty

Have you ever seen a character in a film or TV show have a nose job? Script writers often use recovery as a tool for comedy, but that doesn’t always give a true picture of what recovery is like. If you’re worried about what life immediately after rhinoplasty is like, here are our top tips for getting through it.

Relax. Scarring is unlikely

Plastic surgeons want to help you look the way you want to, not leave you with scars. Most rhinoplasties are ‘closed’, that is, the surgery is done via a small incision under the nasal septum. If there is a scar at all, it will be very small and in an out of the way place. Ask your surgeon if you’re at all unsure.

Swelling can take a while to reduce

Although the most immediate swelling will go down quickly, it can take some weeks for your nose to completely heal. Until that time, you won’t get a true picture of what your new nose looks like; but be patient, it will be worth it in the end. You can help reduce swelling by sleeping with your head elevated, eating a low-salt diet to minimise fluid retention and using a cushion pad under glasses if you wear them to avoid hurting your newly healing nose. Take it easy – no exercise and, of course, try to avoid knocking your nose while it’s healing.

Always wear sunscreen

Make sure that you wear a good sunscreen for a few months after surgery (and always when you’re going out in the sun for any length of time). Sunburnt skin will swell, and your body will have to heal the same area all over again – if possible, stay in the shade.

Stay on top of your medication

Take your pain medication regularly and stay on top of your pain levels. If you stop taking your meds, your pain levels can spiral and it’s a lot harder to get them back down to manageable from that level than it is to keep them low. Make sure you stock up on pain relief prior to surgery so you have it to hand.

Those are our top tips to heal well after your nose job. Rhinoplasty undertaken by a skilled surgeon like Paul Wilson is a low-risk surgery but call us today if you have any other questions or concerns.


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