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A man’s nose can lead to either a date or a dump

Have you ever caught someone’s attention drifting mid-conversation and landing right on our nose? They can’t help it, they’re listening, but at the same time, staring in wonder at the huge or oddly shaped proboscis before them. The size and shape of your nose does lend you character, indeed, but sometimes so much, that it distracts from your message. If you’re frustrated over not being heard you’re not alone. The Guardian reports that the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure among men in the UK is rhinoplasty (also known as a nose job.)
Plastic surgery in general – both cosmetic and reconstructive – has become more widespread as the techniques surrounding these surgeries become more refined and less expensive. Along with the increased safely, the social acceptance of everything

from a Botox injection to a face-lift is rising as well. Not much stigma surrounds the once mysterious and high-risk work of the plastic surgeon. Like with any surgical procedure, the more it’s practiced the safer and more aesthetically refined it becomes. That’s why, if you’re considering plastic surgery on all or any part of your face you should thoroughly research the work and longevity of any practitioner of your specific procedure.

Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Paul Wilson has hundreds of successful cosmetic surgeries under his belt:
rhinoplasty (nose reshaping); blepharoplasty (droopy eyelid restoration); foreheadplasty (lowering of the hairline) and rhytidectomy (face lift.) Dr. Wilson is constantly reading the latest scientific research and attending innovative conferences in his field with passionate curiosity and determination to excel. His perseverance got him appointed consultant in plastic and reconstructive surgery at Frenchay Hospital in Bristol. He is also the lead surgeon for post –cancer sarcoma reconstructive surgery at the NHS. He is a highly regarded member of the British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons (BAPRAS) and the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS.) Dr. Wilson also volunteers in poverty-stricken areas of Africa to correct extremely dangerous and complex deformities. As a head and neck specialist surgeon Dr. Wilson has developed a high level of expertise in oculoplastic surgery and facial palsy surgery. His scientific medical background really can’t be beat. On top of that, he actually enjoys explaining to his patients the science behind their beautification. And no matter how many procedures he performs Dr. Wilson never feels as though he’s repeating himself, as he considers each patient’s requested transformation a work of art. Yes, each bone structure and cartilage shape presents a unique challenge in achieving the new facescape desired by each patient. Dr. Wilson provides every patient with a precise description of each procedure under consideration, and never rushes anyone into a decision. He provides analysis of each patient’s condition and estimates surgery recovery time (which varies greatly with each individual) so that his patients can plan their schedules and lifestyle adjustments accordingly. So once you’ve researched the top cosmetic surgeon in the Bristol area, Call Dr. Wilson, and start enjoying unfettered conversations without distractions and insecurities!


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