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Interesting things you may not know about cosmetic surgery

We live in the information age and we are bombarded by different types of media, constantly feeding us with news and research. Due to this, most people have a pretty good general overview of the different types and purposes of cosmetic surgery. However, here six are things about this increasingly popular practice that you may not have come across in the glossy magazines.

1. Cosmetic procedures aren’t as modern as we might think

It is believed that cosmetic surgery dates all the way back to Ancient Rome. The Romans thought that scars (especially those on their backs) were a sign of cowardice during battle. They would therefore search for ways to remove the scars and the beginning of cosmetic procedures began.

2. Facts and stats

Rhinoplasty (or nose jobs) and breast augmentation are arguably the most well known cosmetic procedures that are performed. It is thought that women make up around 90% of all cosmetic surgery patients.

3. A face shape can say more about you than you would think

…hence more people investigating the possibility of facelifts and nose jobs. In an age when first impressions count, symmetrical features are often associated with a person being more likeable. Additionally, large open eyes often go hand in hand with someone being considered loyal and trustworthy. There has been scientific research to investigate this and it has shown that after procedures such as eyebrow lifts a patient will appear more likeable which can even improve their job prospects!

4. Cosmetic surgery is also known as plastic surgery

This term originates from the Greek word Plastikos. This word refers to a process of moulding and giving something form.

5. Surgery tourism is a thing

Worldwide, men and women are deciding to leave their home countries to come to countries like the UK for treatment. This is particularly true of North America where waiting lists can be incredibly long and the cost of treatment can be out of reach for many people.

6. Cosmetic surgery is not exclusively for fancy clinics

Some cosmetic surgeons also use their skills and expertise to undertake charity work, too. One of these charities is called Facing Africa: in this case, surgeons travel abroad to provide children and adults with treatment for a condition called Noma which causes severe facial deformities.

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