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How to prepare for plastic surgery

Whether you’re having a rhinoplasty, a breast enlargement or a tummy tuck (or all three), you want to arrive well-prepared for your operation day. Here are some tips to help you make sure everything goes smoothly.

1. Preparing for the operation

– Stop smoking at least two weeks before the operation to improve the flux of blood to your capillaries and help your skin cicatrise more easily. Many scientific studies have shown that complications happen around ten times more to smokers than to nonsmokers.

– Avoid anti-inflammatory medicines and aspirin to diminish the risk of excessive bleeding.

– Inform your doctor about any medicines you are taking, including vitamin supplements. Some of them could be incompatible with the operation!

– Starting from around twenty days before the operation, try to eat lightly. Think fish, fruit and cereals abound.

– Starting from seven days before the operation, avoid alcohol.

2. Preparing for post-op you

– Self-care! Remember that there will be some tiring days after the operation, so stock up for them. A few pleasant films or books, a water bottle to keep close at hand and light and healthy foods are a must!

– Buy all the medicines you will need after your operation. You won’t want to pop by the pharmacy afterwards.

– If you are about to go through facial or brow surgery, make sure you will have an ice pack close at hand to help with post-op swelling.

– Buy useful objects. For example, if you had a breast augmentation surgery, consider getting a special physiological pillow that particularly protects the breast, to allow you to rest more easily.

– Buy sterile dressing to redress possible wounds.

– Get your old PJs out! You might bleed in the first days after your operation, and you wouldn’t want to get blood on your new nightgowns.

– When stocking up on post-op food, avoid dishes that contain a lot of salt. They make swelling worse.

And for both:

– Prepare emotionally! Fear before your operation is perfectly normal, as are feelings of sadness and loss after it. Take care, and open up with your loved ones about it.

If you’re anxious or need more guidance on planning for your cosmetic surgery, the team at Bristol Cosmetic Surgery will be happy to advise you further. Contact us today.


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