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Having beautiful babies doesn’t mean you can’t have beautiful breasts

Every mother knows that with each pregnancy her infant-nurturing breasts experience a droop effect, causing body image discomfort – just another source of unnecessary motherhood stress. It should no longer be a taboo topic, as it is described in The Daily Mail which reports on super-model Gisele Bundchen’s post-pregnancy breast uplift. No woman should have to hide behind a hijab to enter a clinic where she can revitalise her femininity and recharge her sexuality. The UK has seen a huge increase in both the popularity and success rates of breast augmentation – and that includes success in self-image enhancement. A woman who can enjoy her sexuality with her husband is a happier mother, and that makes for a better mother, who’s energised to give more of herself to her children.

Making a popular decision, however, does not mean making a rash decision. Whether you’re considering breast enlargement or just breast uplift you must not take your decision lightly. Weeks of thorough research and plastic surgeon interviews should precede any procedure booking. You should carefully consult the list of pre-breast surgery considerations suggested by The National Health Service. The details of the procedure and types of breast implants used should be thoroughly explained to you by a highly experienced cosmetic surgeon who specialises in breast surgery (both reconstructive and cosmetic.) A surgeon who’s accomplished more complicated procedures (like post-cancer reconstructive surgery) is more likely to excel at aesthetic cosmetic surgeries. And if they excel at these procedures they should be able to describe them to you until you feel like an expert yourself! For example, if you’re yearning for breast enlargement, you should know there are different types of implants (shapes and sizes) available, which are appropriate for your age and body type and why. Is silicone or saline better for you? Which shape and degree of firmness is appropriate for the shape and firmness of your natural breasts? This decision takes not only scientific knowledge of products and procedures but also an aesthetic assessment of your unique chest cavity. Your cosmetic surgeon should discuss these choices and disclose which research resources he or she uses. A systematic explanation (from preparation through recovery) should be repeated until you’ve grasped it.

The plastic surgeon that genuinely cares and intimately understands these procedures in Bristol is Dr. Paul Wilson. A respected member of the British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons (BAPRAS) and the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS), he has studied breast anatomy in depth, as the lead surgeon for post –cancer sarcoma reconstructive surgery at the NHS. Most importantly, Dr. Wilson is a compassionate man who understands women’s breasts and the trauma pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight loss and maturing put them through. From the minimally intrusive breast uplift to a dramatic breast enlargement, he appreciates the unique needs of every single mother that comes through his door. A surgeon who genuinely enjoys his work keeps working until you genuinely enjoy your body. So if you want to remain a good wife while being a good mother who loves her body, give Dr. Wilson a call today!


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