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What To Expect At Your First Consultation

Your first consultation with a cosmetic surgeon can be nerve-wracking as well as exciting. Finally, all the plans you have been making in your head are being put into action!

If you are considering plastic surgery in Bristol, it might put some of your mind at ease to know what to expect when we first meet.

Your first full consultation is a chance to go into more detail about your vision – and how I can help turn it into reality. Feel free to bring along a friend or family member if you like.

Often you will have already been in touch with Nicola, our specialist nurse, who will have talked to you about me, and the procedure itself.

You will be called from the waiting room into my consulting suite, which is clean, spacious and designed to put you at ease and make you feel comfortable from the word go. I often tell my plastic surgery Bristol patients to think of the first consultation as an informal chat, and a chance to get to know each other.

Following a chat about your reasons for wanting the procedure done, I will ask you some questions about your general health. This is to ensure that you are fit enough for surgery.

After this, I will normally carry out a detailed examination of the area of concern. During this examination, every effort is made to put you at ease. Female patients can be accompanied by a chaperone and all examinations are done in complete privacy.

Once this stage is complete, we will be able to discuss the surgery in detail – along with any steps you need to take to prepare. I am proud to offer personalised care that puts your needs and wishes first so this varies from patient to patient.

We’ll also talk about your post-operative care and the time you’ll need to put aside for recovery.

Although risks are minimal and complications are rare, I will also inform you of these at this time.

Usually, photographs are taken at the initial consultation as part of your documentation – and as a great way of seeing the difference which surgery has made when we compare the images to those taken after successful surgery. All images and patient information is kept strictly confidential.

I always keep some time aside for you to ask any questions you may have – big or small!

It’s very important that the patients I see for plastic surgery Bristol are fully informed and comfortable before any procedure goes ahead. That’s why I see all patients at least twice before surgery – so we will usually plan another consultation after this one.

Finally, my secretary will email you with detailed information about your procedure along with a breakdown of the cost.

Of course, we are always happy to answer any questions even once you have left the consulting room. Just get in touch!


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