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Cosmetic surgery just keeps getting more accessible in the UK

As research and development refine and simplifies those procedures they are constantly becoming technically less complex and less expensive. The Daily Mail reports on some of the latest new tricks of the trade that cost you far less time and money than traditional surgeries.

The traditional face-lift is potentially going to be replaced with a new style of less-invasive surgery that plumps the face by pulling tissue inside the face back onto the cheekbones. It’s called the 3D Face-Lift and it’s much less invasive and time-consuming than the traditional cutting away and tightening technique. The 3D face-lift leaves fewer scars and leaves a fuller, youthful look, instead of a tightly stretched look. It’s appropriate for patients in their 40s and 50s with skin that is not yet too deeply wrinkled. This surgery requires just one small incision by each ear, which enables the surgeon to pull the facial skin upwards to suspend it on the cheekbones. Recovery time should be between three and ten days – considerably shorter than the traditional recovery time.

This innovation is not yet available in the UK, but you can bet the top cosmetic surgeons in the country are studying up on it in anticipation of its arrival and gradual acceptance. As both cosmetic and reconstructive surgery becomes more widespread and as the science behind it becomes more refined and less expensive it’s going to become even more crucial for patients to do thorough research and strict interviews with surgeon candidates who have performed the procedure in question. For women, the face-lift is most common. For men in the UK, the most popular procedure is rhinoplasty (also known as a nose job.) But even though the art and science of the plastic surgeon are no longer stigmatised, it still requires serious safety screening. Like with any surgical procedure, the more it’s practised the safer and more aesthetically refined it becomes.

Cosmetic surgeon Paul Wilson has performed hundreds of successful cosmetic surgeries in Bristol. And he’s happy to share case studies with you so you have an idea of what you’re in for. Are you dreaming of having a rhinoplasty or nose reshaping?
A blepharoplasty (droopy eyelid restoration)? Might you be interested in lowering your hairline (Hairline lowering surgery) with a foreheadplasty ?
Are you ready for your first rhytidectomy or facelift? Paul Wilson is always attending scientific research conferences and reading the latest scientific research.

That’s why Frenchay Hospital in Bristol appointed him consultant in plastic and reconstructive surgery. Also, the NHS appointed him lead surgeon for post–cancer sarcoma reconstructive surgery. He genuinely enjoys explaining the science and technology to his patients. Each bone structure and cartilage shape presents a unique challenge in achieving a life’s dream. So if you want to feel the weight of the latest scientific advances in the hands of your cosmetic surgeon Call Paul Wilson today!


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