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Breast surgery: not a decision to be taken lightly

Getting breast augmentation is a gravely serious decision, as it requires a very precision-laden surgical procedure. It can’t be taken as lightly as a wardrobe or makeup trend. But it is slowly becoming such a fly-by-night decision for many women who may not be emotionally mature enough or sufficiently informed about the surgery. That’s why the government has decided to step in and regulate the advertising of these sensitive procedures. The Sunday Times reports that the General Medical Council (GMC) has just enacted new guidelines for breast enlargement and breast implants. The Royal College of Surgeons has introduced rules that prohibit a surgeon from offering these services as prizes, promotional give-a-ways or “refer-a-friend” bonuses. More and more women are so obsessed with the procedures they have begun paying for breast surgery through crowd funding sites. This tactic creates a strong wave of peer pressure and rash decision-making. Doctors who are caught marketing these procedures inappropriately can be fined or even banned from practising, the GMC has ruled.

If you are considering any type of breast surgery – from the minimally intrusive breast uplift to a dramatic breast enlargement – it must be proceeded by weeks of thorough research and interviews with cosmetic surgeon candidates who can give you the right answers to the right questions. Your first step should be to consult The National Health Service’s list of pre-breast surgery considerations. The two or three surgeons you chose to interview should be able to provide details of the procedure and thoroughly explain the available types of breast implants. Ideally, you should settle on a surgeon who specialises in breast surgery (both reconstructive and cosmetic) but who has also accomplished more complicated non-cosmetic procedures, like post-cancer reconstructive surgery.  A specialist who’s performed medically necessary and life-saving surgeries will be more likely to excel at aesthetic cosmetic procedures. He or she should also be able to describe them in such a way that enables you to explain them to someone else. If it’s breast enlargement you’re seeking you should know there are various types of implants (shapes and sizes) available, which are appropriate for different ages, weights and body types. Is silicone or saline better for you? Which shape and degree of firmness is appropriate for the shape and firmness of your natural breasts? A surgeon requires knowledge of products and procedures, and an aesthetic sensibility about your unique chest cavity to help you make these choices. He or she should also readily disclose which research resources he or she uses.

In Bristol, one of the top plastic surgeons that genuinely cares and intimately understands these procedures is Paul Wilson. For over a decade he’s been a member of the British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons (BAPRAS) and the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS). As the lead surgeon for post –cancer sarcoma reconstructive surgery at the NHS he has performed highly sensitive procedures. Most importantly, Paul comprehends the psychology behind a women’s decision to seek breast surgery. So do your homework before making this life-altering decision – give Paul Wilson a call today!


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