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Add a decade to your career like the stars do

Let’s face it: your face sells you to your workplace and to your industry. And in a world economy where people are forced to work longer and longer, there’s no reason why career-driven, ambitious people shouldn’t extend their image and marketability with cosmetic surgery.As Jane Fonda puts in The Guardian, plastic surgery bought her a decade of her career.But she didn’t stop at a face-lift. She had multiple procedures done, as they become necessary to preserving her lifestyle and career demands.

Plastic surgery in general – both cosmetic and reconstructive – has become more widespread as the techniques surrounding these surgeries become more refined and less expensive. And it’s not just for women. For men in the UK, the most popular procedure is rhinoplasty (also known as a nose job.) Hollywood celebrities have actually encouraged the social acceptance of everything from a Botox injection to serial face- lifts.

The once mysterious and high-risk art and science of the plastic surgeon are no longer enveloped in stigma. But it still requires serious safety screening. Like with any surgical procedure, the more it’s practised the safer and more aesthetically refined it becomes. So you must choose a cosmetic surgeon with plenty of experience with your specific procedure.

Bristol cosmetic surgeon Dr. Paul Wilson has performed hundreds of successful cosmetic surgeries in his decade of perfectionist practice. Are you dreaming of a rhinoplasty or nose reshaping? A blepharoplasty (droopy eyelid restoration)? Maybe you’re considering lowering your hairline with a foreheadplasty ? Or are you at the age for a youth-reviving rhytidectomy or facelift? If he’s not reading the latest scientific research Dr. Wilson is attending scientific research conferences and taking notes with passionate curiosity. He is doggedly determined to excel at making his plastic surgery practice as safe and joy-inspiring as it can be. That’s why Frenchay Hospital in Bristol appointed him consultant in plastic and reconstructive surgery, and the NHS appointed him lead surgeon for post–cancer sarcoma reconstructive surgery. A highly regarded member of the British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons (BAPRAS) and the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS), his scientific and medical experience in beyond compare.

What really makes Dr. Wilson unique to all his patients, however, is that they can actually call him a friend. He genuinely enjoys explaining the science and technology behind their beautification. Even after successfully completing hundreds of procedures he never feels as though he’s repeating himself. For him each patient’s requested transformation is a work of art. Yes, each bone structure and cartilage shape presents a unique challenge in achieving a customised facescape that can potentially extend a unique career, as well as a unique lifestyle and expression of inner youth. Dr. Wilson provides every patient with a precise description of each procedure under consideration, and never rushes anyone into a decision. He provides analysis of each patient’s condition and estimates surgery recovery time (which varies greatly with each individual.) So stop thinking about your work and your fun in terms of the decades behind you, and start imagining the goals and dreams ahead! Call Dr. Wilson today!


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