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Mummy Makeover at Wood private clinic in Devon

At Wood MediSpa, an exclusive private clinic based in the Devon countryside, we offer a variety of surgical and non-surgical treatments including the Mummy Makeover.

Mummy Makeover surgery is a​​ combination of body and breast rejuvenation surgery designed to reverse the changes commonly caused by pregnancy and childbirth

What Is a Mummy Makeover?

The term ‘Mummy Makeover’ refers to the combination of body and breast cosmetic surgery designed to rejuvenate the body after pregnancy and childbirth.

When the body goes through big changes — such as pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, changes in weight, or as we age — there is a change in the skin quality and elasticity. Combined with an effect on the breasts and the abdominal wall, the changes associated with pregnancy can alter the appearance of the body significantly.

Mummy Makeover surgery can improve the contour of both the breasts and the abdomen at the same time. This is typically made up of a variety of cosmetic surgeries that rejuvenate, tighten and firm different parts of the body. The majority of women can have these procedures simultaneously, though this may not always be suitable.

A consultation with an experienced surgeon will help you to learn more about these combination surgeries and whether they are the right fit for you. Some women choose to split the procedures following this discussion, while others are happy to have both surgeries performed together.

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    Paul is an established Consultant Plastic Surgeon, at the Wood private clinic in Devon. This gives patients the opportunity to receive gold standard treatment at a first-class location within beautiful grounds at the country medispa, Wood.

    The Results

    Types of Mummy Makeover

    There are a few different types of Mummy Makeover procedures and combinations available at Wood MediSpa in Devon.

    The most common form is an abdominoplasty combined with breast augmentation. Abdominoplasty — also known as a “tummy tuck” — is used to reduce excess skin and fat, tighten the abdominal wall, and improve contours. Abdominoplasty may be combined with liposuction and breast augmentation may be combined with mastopexy (breast uplift surgery).

    During an abdominoplasty, stretch marks in the abdomen can also be removed, moved or improved in appearance, becoming paler and less noticeable if they are still present afterwards. Hernias as a result of pregnancy can be addressed at the same time as an abdominoplasty.

    When a surgeon is carrying out your procedure, scars will generally be placed as low as possible within the bikini line. You may also have a drain if necessary.

    The expected stay for a Mummy Makeover at Wood MediSpa in Devon is typically 24–48 hours. During this time, you can relax at our countryside clinic where our friendly and dedicated team will make sure you are taken care of.

    Mummy Makeover Breast Rejuvenation

    Many women can feel that they have lost both volume and shape in their breasts after having children.

    Breast rejuvenation can help. There are different types of breast rejuvenation and implants available — your surgeon will discuss the different types, shapes and positions that the implants can be placed in with you.

    This may be:

    Breast augmentation – to increase fullness and size of the breasts
    Mastopexy – also called a breast lift
    Mastopexy & breast augmentation combined (using either autologous fat or implants)
    Breast augmentation in combination with an abdominoplasty

    Your Wood MediSpa surgeon will talk through the best way to give back both the shape and volume. With some techniques, drains are usually not required and patients may go home within 24 hours of surgery.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is the Mummy Makeover Right For Me?

    Mummy Makeover Considerations

    When deciding whether or not to have a Mummy Makeover, there are a few things to consider.

    It is best to be in good health, be at your ideal weight and be a non-smoker. It is also best if you have completed your family — your body can still be affected by future pregnancies. Your surgeon will discuss these factors and others with you during your consultation. 

    You will need time to rest and recover after your operation — help at home will be necessary, especially if you have young children. Making post-surgery plans is important to avoid any strain, stretching and excessive lifting. 

    Side effects such as swelling, discomfort and temporary sensory changes are normal after surgery. Swelling, in particular, may take weeks to subside, and the final results from abdominoplasty can take a number of months to show. 

    There is a risk of long-term issues with breast implants. It is important to go through these and any other potential risks with your surgeon before your procedure to make sure surgery is the right decision for you.

    How Does a Mummy Makeover Work?

    Mummy Makeover Surgery: What to Expect

    The combination of surgeries that make up a Mummy Makeover means that it is sometimes described as an “extreme makeover”. 

    However, performing combined breast and abdominal rejuvenation in a single surgery is increasingly being recognised as a better alternative than carrying out a variety of different procedures at different times.

    As with any combined procedure, there are some small risks. However, the Mummy Makeover procedures can be carried out in 45 hours, which helps to minimise anaesthetic risks and prevents the need for a catheter.

    How Long Does it Take to Recover From Mummy Makeover?

    Mummy Makeover Recovery Time

    The recovery time for everyone is different, but taking time to rest and recover after your surgery — particularly avoiding heavy lifting or manual labour — will help you to heal. Early mobilisation can also help to reduce any risk of complication. Compression garments and a supportive bra should be worn for 46 weeks after your procedure. 

    Your surgeon will discuss the full details of aftercare with you before your mummy makeover.


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