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Thigh reduction

Thigh reduction, or thigh lift, is the removal of excess wrinkled skin and fat from your upper and inner thigh to firm and tighten the area. Thigh reduction surgery is a procedure that involves tightening the inner or outer thighs by removing excess skin and fat.

This procedure will leave a scar that begins in the groin area, runs across the inside of your thigh and under the crease of your buttocks.

The procedure

If you also have significant excess loose skin on your inner thigh extending almost to your knee, additional surgery would have to be done to shape the area and would result in a vertical scar on your inner thigh.

Liposuction is the simplest method of reducing the fat in your thighs, however if there is skin laxity then a thigh lift is required.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Typical thigh reduction patients

    You could be a candidate for thigh reduction surgery if you experience any of the following:

    • Your unhappy with the size of your thighs and would like them to be slimmer
    • You consider your thighs not to be in proportion with the rest of your body
    • You have redundant skin in your upper or inner thighs as a result of weight loss or aging

    Preparing for thigh reduction surgery

    Every patient will have undergone a full consultation with Paul so that patients are made fully aware and comfortable before entering into any surgery.

    The hospital where your operation is taking place will provide patients with full detailed written instructions on preparing for surgery.

    Thigh reduction surgery is performed under general anaesthesia meaning patients are not prohibited to eat or drink 6 hours prior to the operation.

    Recovery process

    The recovery process can be different depending on the patient.

    However, most patients will usually:

    • Only have to stay in the hospital for one or two days
    • Be able to return to work and drive within a couple of weeks
    • Be able to return to fairly light exercise within a month

    Thigh Reduction Prices

    If you want to ask about the price or have any other questions, we offer free mini-consultations


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