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Male breast reduction

Male breast reduction procedures remove the excess breast tissue to permanently restore a normal appearance.

All men have breast tissue. A few, unfortunately, have an excessive amount and can resemble a ladies figure.


Cause of male breast growth

Occasionally this is due to a hormone imbalance, however, in some instances there is no detectable abnormality either on blood tests or clinical examination.

Regardless of the cause, this condition causes men a great deal of embarrassment. Many men say that they forego swimming and sunbathing to avoid taking their shirts off. No amount of exercise or diet will solve the problem.

By undergoing male breast reduction surgery and removing the excess tissue, men are able to permanently restore a normal appearance.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Typical male brast reduction patients

    You could be a candidate for male breast reduction surgery if you experience any of the following:

    • You feel that your breasts are too large
    • You’re physically fit and healthy and aren’t overweight, but your breasts are too large
    • Your breasts remain oversized despite continuous physical exercise

    Preparing for male breast reduction surgery

    In preparation for your surgery we invite you to have an initial consultation with Paul to ensure you are an appropriate candidate for this procedure. Your initial consultation may be via Zoom, especially if you live far away, or you may book straight in for a face to face consultation lasting 45 minutes.

    In preparation for your consultation, we will ask you about your reasons for seeking aesthetic surgery, what it means to you and how it will impact upon your life. We will also ask you about your past medical history and social history.

    You will be examined, in the presence of a chaperone, and pre-operative photographs will be taken with your consent. For certain procedures, 3D pictures are also taken.

    We will ensure that you are fully informed about your procedure in ample time, with a cooling off period for you to digest the information given to you, and time to ask as many questions as you like.

    It is not unusual for a patient to have two or three consultations prior to their planned procedure.

    Further information relating to your procedure is found on this web page.

    The hospital where you will have your procedure will also undertake a pre-operative assessment.

    Currently, this will also include a COVID test within 5 days of your procedure.

    It is important to stop any medications which thin the blood prior to your procedure. You will be guided on this. You must also stop any herbal remedies, vitamins and supplements 2 weeks prior to your operation to reduce the risk of bleeding.

    Most procedures are performed under a general anaesthetic, or sedation. You must not eat or drink for 6 hours prior to your procedure. Sips of water may be taken up to 2 hours before.

    You will be brought in to hospital 1-2 hours prior to your operation, at which point you will be seen by the nursing staff, anaesthetist and surgeon.

    It is common practice to complete the informed consent process prior to your hospital visit, and ensure you have been informed about all of the material facts relevant to your surgery. You will be fully informed of the risks and complications of the surgery, and the financial implications of any revision surgery required.

    Surgery may be as a day case or you may be required to stay overnight in hospital.

    Recovery process

    The recovery process can be different depending on the patient.

    However, most patients will usually:

    • Be able to go home the day after surgery
    • Be able to return to driving within a week
    • Return to work within two weeks
    • Be able to exercise within a month

    Male Breast Reduction Surgery Prices

    If you want to ask about the price or have any other questions, we offer free mini-consultations


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